What We do

tax services

With a more than a decade of experience, we are fully prepared to handle the complexities of taxation and have the requisite knowledge to walk you through the process of tax planning and preparation with ease regardless of your current tax position.

Individual Tax Services

We provide personalized individual tax services to our clients based on their unique needs. We are all about improving your financial well-being. With our immense knowledge of public and private sector accounting, we are able to deliver streamlined and consistent individual tax services.

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Contact us if you require an efficient and cost-effective team for your corporate and partnership tax accounting needs. At Lucrative Tax, we provide robust tax services to help corporations achieve effective tax outcomes. Whether you are going through an acquisition, divestment or an expansion, we will work closely with you to provide bespoke tax advisory services and handle all your state and federal tax forms to ensure compliance.

Accounting Services

We will help you grow by providing up to date real-time accounting services using proven strategies. We are primarily dedicated to helping individuals and professionals with all the paperwork and forms that are needed to reinforce their financial records. With our accounting services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an accounting expert who is fully committed to establishing the close relationships you need to become financially healthy and stay above irregular accounting realities and situations.

Outsourced Accounting

Get in touch with us today if you need a reliable and accurate outsourcing solution provider. We can help you outsource your financial functions across a wide spectrum of accounting services, streamlining processes and eliminating inefficiencies to improve your outcomes. As a professional, our outsourced accounting services will allow you to focus on what you do best and help you improve the quality of your operations.


In addition to providing a wide range of outsourced accounting services, we also help our clients compile and prepare accurate financial statements in accordance with the necessary regulatory bodies.

Cryptocurrency Tax

The use of cryptocurrency in the United States has evolved rapidly in last three years, and every cryptocurrency trader, buyer, investor or seller has a tax obligation to retain records. Contact us today if you have received a letter from the IRS, and need a reliable team to prepare and keep your cryptocurrency tax affairs in order. We have an extensive knowledge of the existing digital currency market, and provide specialist solutions to help you eliminate confusion regarding cryptocurrency tax regulations.

Credit Repair

Are you a resourceful and hardworking person, but can’t seem to overcome the worries and hopelessness of bad credit? We can help you put you credit back on track and take control of finances. With more than a decade of experience in the finance and credit management industry, we have what it takes to remove unfair defaults and the court judgements holding you back from getting adequate finance. Get in touch with us today to fix your credit and restore your good name.

Financial Crisis

Sometimes you confront unexpected financial distress. At Lucrative Tax, we can help you respond to such crisis with proven preparedness strategies. We can also help you put anticipatory measures in place to protect your brand and reputation if something unexpected happens.


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