Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting

Tax preparation services and financial consulting for individuals, small businesses, professional athletes, and entertainers 

Why choose Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting

We offer advisory services around tax planning, Tax preparation, accounting, and credit repair

We take effective measures to know your personal goals and what you value in business before we provide a holistic financial management service specifically designed to meet your unique requirements.

Whether you have any tax preparation experience or not, we’ve got you covered from every angle, looking after your financials and accounting operations competently.

Tailored Tax Services

Different studies have shown that an individual spends more than 20 hours on income tax preparation and they are still likely to get it wrong. More than ever, the process of tax preparation has gotten more complicated, and more prone to error. That is why we provide a simplified tax preparation to a diverse range of clienteles. From tax preparation to submission, we cover all areas of your business and personal tax obligations and liaise with the appropriate tax body on your behalf. With our comprehensive services, you will enjoy peace of mind and your life becomes less taxing.

Close Partnership

We work closely with all our clients to develop a true partnership and get a profound appreciation of their personal values, business goals, and structures. Once we partner with you and understand your bottom line, we are able to create hands-on tax planning and financial strategies to achieve them.

Ongoing Support

We just don’t create financial strategies to give you an edge and effective tax plans to ensure you meet all legal requirements; we also provide guidance through every stage and ongoing support to help secure your entire financial future while ensuring full tax compliance.

Our Services

What We Do

We provide tax planning services to individuals,  professionals athletes, entertainers and a wide range of business owners in combination with proven strategies that work to achieve their financial goals.


Accounting Services

We will help you grow by providing up to date real-time accounting services using proven strategies. We are primarily dedicated to helping individuals and professionals with all the paperwork and forms that are needed to reinforce their financial records. With our accounting services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an accounting expert who is fully committed to establishing the close relationships you need to become financially healthy and stay above irregular accounting realities and situations.

  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Compilations
  • Cryptocurrency Tax
  • Credit Repair
  • Financial Crisis

tax services

With a more than a decade of experience, we are fully prepared to handle the complexities of taxation and have the requisite knowledge to walk you through the process of tax planning and preparation with ease regardless of your current tax position.

  • Individual Tax Services
  • Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Company Testimonials

I run a small business, and I was concerned about safeguarding my assets, myself and my family, and the amount of tax I was paying, but I also wanted to be legal and not get into trouble. Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting provided me with a structure that protected me and my assets and also helped to significantly and legally reduce the tax that I had to pay. I certainly feel more comfortable and secure now!
I'm in a cryptocurrency professional and run a small trading business. I had a tricky situation that I had to get out of. I had default on my credit files. I got the team at Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting on the job. They were excited at the challenge of helping me out. They succeeded and got rid of my default! I would recommend Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting to anyone.
Brilliant service!! Could not have asked for a better start to getting my business structure. This world is still completely new to me and I am very impressed with all the resources Lucrative Tax and Financial Consulting have provided to help me understand trusts.


We offer an extensive range of tax planning, preparation and accounting services to meet the financial requirements and assurance needs of small businesses, individuals and professional firms. Our thorough and quality financial management services will help put the pieces together and give you the true picture of your financial position. Our team will help you navigate the complexities of tax and accounting regulations, and give you the guarantee of a well-balanced internal controls.